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About “Composing My Thoughts”

I’m a musician. And like most musicians I do a variety of things, mostly to make a living. They involve — at any given moment, in any given combination or extent — composition, lyric writing, arranging, writing about music, writing in general, conducting (okay, semi-conducting), teaching, editing, proofreading, acting as a consultant to music publishers, and being a “show doctor” (dramaturge for musicals). And probably some other things I’ve forgotten just now.

As a result I wind up thinking about all sorts of things and want to express them in some way. Particularly about the act of creating music in all its myriad forms, genres, and styles.

That’s what “Composing My Thoughts” is all about. Maybe not all-music/all-the-time, but no politics, religion, or what I had for dinner (no matter how delicious).

If you like what you read or not, let me know. And if you do like it, please be a regular follower. I plan on posting twice monthly.


Steven L. Rosenhaus

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