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Pencil (Yes, Pencil) at the Ready….

August 23, 2016

After spending much of the summer on things other than composing I’m working my way back into the swing of things. On my plate at the moment:

  • Editing a collection of “easy” works for violin and guitar by Mauro Giuliani. The “easy” term is Giuliani’s and refers almost entirely to the guitar parts. The violin parts will need some work though. What I’m finding is the combination of violin and guitar is a lovely one, and that I can still play classical guitar. That last part has come in very handy too because….
  • I just finished composing two easy and short waltzes for guitar duet. More on the where, whom, and when of the first performance (sometime in September I think). Writing this was weird for me. I’ve played guitar since just after my bar mitzvah. I’ve written so many guitar arrangements of popular and classical music over the years (thank you, Warner Bros., and Hal Leonard, for the work) that I gave up counting after 200 tunes. (Many of those tunes are in books, and I know I did over two dozen books, etc.) I have even written a concerto for Baroque lute (a forerunner of the guitar). But except for the introduction to my song You’re Still Mine, this is the very first time I have written anything original for guitar, let alone two of them. I suppose it was a psychological issue, the usual fears that I wouldn’t be able to play what I’ve written, that prevented me from writing for the instrument for so long. Stupid, stupid me.
  • The JFK piece is “in progress.” I’ve collected what I think are the most useful speeches and other writings by John F. Kennedy. Now I’m in phase 2, in which I organize and edit down the most useful parts of those. I expect to be composing actual music by October, and orchestrating by December.

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